In 1984 a meeting was called Mr Ron Fowler of the Christchurch Fuchsia Circle and hosted by the Wellington Fuchsia Society on 10th November.
32 people attended representing New Plymouth, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough, Christchurch and Ashburton …

At this meeting 2 main points were made:
1. That a National Fuchsia Society be formed.
2. That a steering committee made up of one delegate from each Group, Club, Circle, or Society, be formed to set up a National Fuchsia Society.

The original officers of the National Fuchsia Society from 1984/1985 were:
Mrs Eunice Cron from Blenheim (President)
Mr Kevin Hathaway from Christchurch (Vice President)
Mrs Olga Conner from Wellington (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mr Ted Sweetman (Judge) from Wellington
Mrs Jill Abernethy from Ashburton (Publicity Officer)
Mrs Coral Boyes from Motueka
Mrs Rona Thomas from Nelson
Mr Don Moir from Hawkes Bay.
The inaugural meeting of the NFS was held in the horticultural hall in Lower Hutt Sunday 11th November 1984

Aims and Objects:

1. Promote the interest in fuchsias to all parts of New Zealand.

2. Assistance, education, and wellbeing of fuchsia enthusiasts throughout NZ.

3. To collaborate with Fuchsia Societies worldwide

Ted & Alison Sweetman travelled throughout NZ to various fledgling groups and gave talks of the benefits to them from the National Fuchsia Society the comradery and information relating to fuchsia culture. Ted & Alison were in contact with many persons and contacts relating to fuchsia growing, nurseries, and importation. (Ted viewed and judged many Fuchsia’s when he went on many overseas trips.)

Credited by Mr. Don Moir – 2018