Specialty Fuchsia Nurseries in New  Zealand

Root Stocks E

Specialty nurseries, many raise fuchsias as part of their business only and grow other types of plants.

The following were in business during 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s to now.

Becks close to Cambridge limited to 34 varieties of fuchsia plants (down from 180 in 1980) as well as other species, open to the public.
Hayes Southland unsure if open to public, wholesale orders only.
There are several nurseries who are swamping the market with unnamed plants ie: DIVA also another Auckland grower
Nurseries That Have Closed and far as I know no longer exist…
Growell New Plymouth (Doug and Rita Proffit total Fuchsia nursery)
Masons Nursery Fielding (also known as Ballerina Fuchsia’s) Grew in conjunction with roses.
Fitzherbert Fuchsia’s, Aokautere.
Barton’s Nursery, Henderson Auckland.
Jordan’s Nursery, Hope, Nelson.

There were many “backyard” grower’s around the country who supplied the market.

Credited by Mr. Don Moir 2018