Project Description

Fuchsias generally are propagated by cuttings since fuchsia hybrids started from seed are themselves another unique hybrid. Thus, to obtain another plant like the parent, cuttings are taken. These cuttings are genetically identical to the original plant.

The technique of starting fuchsia plants from cuttings is very simple, and the steps are listed below. For green soft tip cuttings:

  • Select fairly straight green tips containing two pairs of leaves and a growing
  • Remove all leaves except the smallest pair at the tip and perhaps one further set, if felt This reduces water loss through transpiration.
  • Make a diagonal cut just below the lowest This is where the roots will form.
  • Place the cutting in a sterile rooting medium such as perlite or vermiculite – coarse river sand – a mixture of 1/3 peat 2/3 sand – or a commercial mix available at your garden
  • A small hole should be made in the mixture so the cutting can be planted without damaging its base where the roots will grow from. The base of the cutting should be deep enough for the mixture to reach approximately halfway up to the 2nd set of nodes from the cut.
  • The cutting should be lightly firmed into the mix, then dampened, and lightly sprayed with
  • Place the container with your planted cuttings in a warm place but out of direct sunlight and with the temperature not exceeding 20°.
  • The mix must not be allowed to dry out, and should be misted with a sprayer if possible twice
  • The cutting should be ready to transplant into a small pot of potting mix in about 3 weeks. Do not dig out to see if it is rooted. You should see that it is starting to grow by the top of the cutting becoming larger with soft green

Following the above steps should allow even the “brownest thumb” to start cuttings easily. Hardwood cuttings are taken just like green tip cuttings, except that there are no leaves and the wood is old and takes longer to start.