New Plymouth Fuchsia 2000 Club Report for Feb 2018


The NOVEMBER MEETING was very well attended and good participation in the competitions was noted. Newer members, Beth and John GOW, gaining first and second placings in the Grow-a-plant competition which, for this season, is LA CAMPANELLA.

HINT FOR MEETING from AVIS: To suck up ‘Gunk” under fridge, behind bookcase, etc, insert an empty paper towel roll into the end of your vacuum cleaner and flatten it to squeeze into those difficult spots.

To prevent celery from wilting – wrap in foil before putting in fridge – it will keep for weeks.

WORKSHOP – Avis Moratti gave a very interesting demonstration on pruning standard fuchsias.

DECEMBER: Our meeting was again very well attended, with members adorned with ‘Christmassy’ tinsel or similar, which created a good fun atmosphere. Everyone was also requested to bring something for the Sales Table and also to buy from it – thus helping our finances.

A special Table Centrepiece competition, which had to include at least one fuchsia, was held. A visitor judged the competition and she did an excellent job – justifying her selections and looking at the results from several angles – much appreciated by the members. The winner was Ruth Coulton, who usually does very well in this type of competition, as she has an especially good ‘eye’ with floral art.

Members were notified of the January visit to the garden of Beth and John Gow whose garden was used to feature in the local Fringe Garden Festival. We do not have a normal meeting in January.

PALMER’S GARDEN NURSERY: Our display at the Nursery from 1-3 December was not as successful (last year we got 4 new members) but this year not many buyers were in evidence. However, it does give notice of our presence. We are also listed in the weekly Midweek Newspaper amongst the clubs. This has generated enquiries from which we have gained new members.

GRANT: Again we have been fortunate to receive a reply to our request from the TSB, who have given us”$400.00. This is a very helpful amount towards our running costs as these do keep increasing.

NEWSPAPER FEATURE: We were thrilled to have Avis Moratti featured in the Taranaki Daily News on 23 December with a full-page article and eight spectacular photos of Avis and her “profusion of festive fuchsias”. (Can be viewed on

We look forward to a good growing season for 2018.

Good wishes to all for a great reunion at the AGM in March.


Marion Prestney