Import restrictions of plants into NZ

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During 1960’s and 1970’s as worldwide outbreaks of the “Foot and Mouth” disease prevented any plants grown in soil from being imported into New Zealand
from anywhere in the world (including Australia) as to prevent the spread of the dreaded F&M virus.

During 1970/71 a number of introductions put out from Masons Nursery Fielding (not in business now) 58 in total from America and Europe, they either had controlled cuttings or plants. It was found that plants were grown in a soil-less medium, these could be imported into NZ under quarantine conditions. Ted Sweetman arranged for many plants to enter NZ (he had viewed and recommended these) and these went to nominated nurseries who had secure quarantine facilities under strictly controlled by MAF such as the following. Ted also arranged for the grower of the exporting country meeting NZ importation strict controls prior to sending to the following nurseries.

The following had secure quarantine facilities where access was restricted to a few persons
Don McConchie from Canterbury. (no longer in existence)
Grow Well Fuchsias of New Plymouth. (no longer in existence)
Hayes of Southland (later) who is now importing himself.

Credited by Mr. Don Moir 2018