Importation E

From Ted Sweetman words, that species, hybrids, and cultivars were brought to Australia and New Zealand by settlers in the 1880’s, many other varieties would be exported from European countries, prior to 1914 there were over 400 varieties that had been introduced into Australia & New Zealand and listed by variable

In this record there is mention of names of importers into Australia and New Zealand, the only name noted from this country are catalogue’s of “D. Hay & Son” Montpellier Nurseries Auckland between 1903 – 1906, 26 cultivars which have been identified in this document, many more names were recognised.

Until 1940’s when many fuchsias were brought in by travellers as there were no importation restrictions or bans then. Many servicemen who returned or came on leave from the first and second world wars, sent out or returned with new hybrids from Britain and America. This boosted the numbers of Fuchsias in Australia and New Zealand.

Many of the early fuchsia’s that have survived may have been lost or forgotten their identification have often been named which have been chosen by nurseries, or by the grower (this still occurs today), many misnamed.

During late 1940’s 1950’s and into 1960’s many travellers to Europe, America, Australia would bring back many “New” Fuchsias, as there were no quarantine requirements or restrictions.

In conclusion, unless there is someone else with information relating to between 1914 and 1945 with regards to Fuchsia imports into NZ, there is little known.

Credited by Mr. Don Moir 2018