Notes from Registrar

Notes from the Registrar

Are you looking for a specific fuchsia?  Contact me and I may be able to help you.

If there is not one readily available,  depending on the time of the year,  I may be able to get one grown for you.
The Register is presently being updated and will have hundreds of new additions and will be available in the printed form as well as being on a CD.  Of course most gardeners will want both,  one for in the potting shed,  and the CD for checking on the computer.
I am always keen to get lists from you of the fuchsias you have currently growing.  Until recently  there had been no new fuchsias imported but over the last 18 months or so, (at present it is June 2011)  there have been an influx of new varieties (to us here in NZ) and it has been fun trying them out to see which ones grow the best in the positions they are put.
Is anyone growing Holly's Beauty?  It has not been registered,  it was raised by a member of the National Fuchsia Society some years ago,  but as yet I haven't been able to track down someone who could be growing it still.  
Any queries or information will reach me at...