The National Fuchsia Society of New Zealand (NFS of NZ) 

exists to promote interest in growing fuchsias to all parts of New Zealand and to collaborate with other fuchsia societies worldwide.

Social interaction between affiliated members and societies is encouraged. 

The Society publishes a magazine, “The National Link”, four times each year.

This is distributed to local Fuchsia groups, other independent members nationwide and 
overseas members.

This magazine keeps each local group up to date with what other groups are doing. 

It contains news from each group with members contributing articles about the growing of     fuchsias use of sprays and other related articles.  

The 32nd Annual General Meeting of the NFS of NZ was held in Dunedin from 10–13 March 2016. It was a four day weekend as it incorporated “Fuchsiarama”. This meeting was hosted by members of the Otago Fuchsia Group and, as was promised, it was a weekend of friendship, entertainment, good food and fun and included some interesting trips.

The actual Annual General Meeting was held on the Saturday morning with the current Executive remaining in office. There was a choice of trips in the afternoon and then the “Sweet Sixteen” dress up dinner at night. Sunday morning we were split into two groups to visit two Otago members’ gardens where the main plantings were of fuchsias. Some of the plants in one garden were very old but still growing and flowering well.
All good things must come to an end and so it did after lunch with thank you’s and farewells made. Another wonderful weekend.

The 33rd AGM is to be held on the weekend of 10-12 March 2017 in New Plymouth. Usually this would be a three day event but plans are underway to make it a four day weekend. Dates then would be from the 9–12 March. Given that members travel from all parts of the country and travelling is expensive, the aim is to take more advantage of being in the Taranaki area.  It also means that a full day trip on the Friday could be arranged instead of short trips on the Saturday afternoon after the AGM and the Sunday morning, before we all depart for home after lunch.

These annual get-togethers are a great way to meet up with our family of fuchsia friends.
Not all members are able to attend these “Fuchsia Family Weekends” so the “National Link” magazine keeps us in touch with news, photos and articles. However it is special that we can make friendships throughout the country when members are able to participate in the annual get-togethers.

Most places around the country have experienced a warm summer with above average temperatures. Our fuchsias would not have liked the really hot days and needed more watering and misting. Some groups still managed to put on good shows and displays in their local communities with some even gaining new members. Congratulations to any prizewinners!

Daylight saving has come to an end now and somehow that makes it feel more like winter is coming – only a few weeks really until the shortest day arrives. This can be a good time to read and learn more about fuchsias, which could result in your thinking of “which fuchsias to grow next season”. One good website to visit is www.fuchsia.be/en/fuchsias Here you will see photos of fuchsias although not all shown are available in New Zealand. then there is the DVD produced by Peter O’Hara from the Wellington Fuchsia Society. Fuchsias listed here are or have been available in New Zealand at some time. If you have a photo of a fuchsia that is not shown on the DVD, Peter would only be too happy to receive one. Each Fuchsia group has a copy of this, so do ask around your group to see about borrowing it. Perhaps at one of your winter meetings a demonstration could take place on how to work the DVD in a computer. Peter has also given a link which you may find easier to use; try www.fuchsiasociety.gear.host . However, here too, not all listed fuchsias have a picture to go with the name.

Now that autumn has arrived, let’s hope the winter does not bring too much snow, frosts, rain or wind. But whatever the weather, I wish you all a happy, healthy winter.

Frances Burrus
(President of the NFS of NZ)