Our 6 members who attended the NFS AGM were unanimous in their praise of the organisation by the Franklin club

    and great efforts by the members – great fun and friendliness as is the usual at this annual event

.   We congratulate our new Secretary (Gwen Thompson) on also being appointed as National Secretary.


    We continue to have our bloom competitions – single, double and a stem;  also our pot plant competition     

     – this year LILAC PRINCESS – well-grown cuttings kindly donated by Chas Wilcox.

                                     This competition goes on until our June meeting. 


    The summer has been extremely dry in New Plymouth and for many weeks now we have had reduced watering 

    which has meant saving as much waste water as possible.

    It is amazing how much water can be saved in containers waiting for the hot water. 

    But we all would hate to have no water so most seem to comply. 

    However some plants could do with a really good downpour.

    To date I have had 3 mls this month – a total of 15 in March and 13 in         

    February when our average in New Plymouth was 150 per month! 

    Climate changes do seem to be happening.


    Our new Officers appointed at our AGM last October are as follows:


    President:  Avis Moratti              Secretary:  Gwen Thompson:   Treasurer: Marlene Adams;  

    Publicity:  Marion Prestney         Committee:  Annabel Capper. Catering, 

      Chas Wilcox  Club Scribe, 

      Marie Mawhinney Raffles and Trading table

       Brian Houghton


    Official addresses are as follows:

    President:  Avis Moratti, 41 Wills Rd  Bell Block 4312 Phone 06 755 4797 <avis.moratti@xtra.co.nz>

    Secretary:  Gwen Thompson, 89 Okoki Rd, RD 45 Urenui 4375 Phone 06 752 3267 <griff.gwen@xtra.co.nz>

    Meetings held St James’ Presbyterian Church Lounge Lawry St New Plymouth, 

        on 2nd Thursday of each month  1.30 (excepting January)

                            Marion Prestney Publicity Officer.